Sales rules


Regulation the sale of animals

Everything has pros and cons. Plus our site in a variety of species. The site contains not all kinds of animals. We are associated with many breeders of Russia and other countries, and also zoos, circuses and animal catchers. This variety has a drawback - the difficulty in maintaining actual price list. When there are too many animals put up for sale is difficult to control the dynamics of prices. Therefore, we have chosen an individual approach. It's very simple:

The algorithm sales

1. Request comes from you on specific species or group of species that you would like to buy. It is not necessary to choose an animal from the list on our website. Make a request for an animal that interests you, regardless of its presence or absence of the site. The request may be sent by email or by telephone. In it you will need to specify the species or group of animals, sex, age (size) and quantity. Also necessary to specify your details and where you want to deliver the animal. If you are not sure of the details of the animal, you can specify some (for example: any hedgehog, any boa, or any scorpion, etc.)

2. We accept your application for processing. We evaluate it and send you a proposal ready.

3. If you are interested, you make a specific order. If you want to come for the animals personally, but it must be ordered, then the deposit will be 10% of the animal. If the animal must be sent to you, prepayment must be 100%. If the animal located in our stock and you're ready to come for it personally, to make an advance payment is not required, except for the reservation for the animal. You can pay for your purchase in any way. The most optimal is to transfer money to the account, details of which are listed on our website under "Contact".

4. Once the money is received, we send the animal. We carry out the shipment to any city of Russia and other countries. Usually, by train and bus. Less often by plane and car. After sending the animal, we warn our clients about the time and place of arrival of transport and give all the necessary information needed for meeting the animal.

We remind you that on the rules of the sale of animals after the sale was made, and the animal has come to you, we are not responsible for it.