Dione moneta

Dione moneta
	Dione moneta
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Dione moneta(Dione moneta)

Class —insecta
Order — lepidoptera
Family —nymphalidae

Genus –dione


Newborn caterpillars are yellowish, with black heads. The younger caterpillars are dark brown, with light spots on the sides of the body. The older caterpillars are gray with greenish and orange spots on the sides and on the back, covered with spines.

Upperside orange with brown at the wing bases; veins thick and dark. Underside hindwing brown with large silver spots. Wing Span: 3–3 1/4 inches (7.6–8.3 cm).


It is found from southern United States to South America.


It demonstrates daily activity. Males often drink mineralized water from shallow water sources.

Flight lasts from April to December in Texas and all year round in the tropics.


Caterpillar hosts – many species of passion-vines (Passifloraceae).

Butterflies feed on nectar.


For their reproduction you need a terrarium with a size of 50 x 50 x 70 cm. Females lay eggs one at a time or in small groups on the antennae and leaves of the forage plant. The eggs are first yellow, then red and oval.It is better to keep the caterpillars in terrariums for 6-8 insects. In the terrarium, you need to put a pot with a forage plant.

The temperature is 22-25 oC at the humidity of60-70%. The pupae are gray-brown, with a pattern resembling a dry leaf.

In captivity

The mesh terrarium with a size of 50 × 50 × 70 mm is suitable for keeping butterflies. Room temperature is necessary. Daylight time is 12 hours. You can feed the butterflies with honey syrup diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 10.